We develop and implement highly accessible, user friendly and patient-centric solutions in the medical field integrating the modern concept of Electronic Health Record with IoT devices, accessible interfaces and artificial intelligence, thus creating a smart healthcare framework that is both flexible and easy extensible.

Through our specializasion on natural language Recognition and Understanding and its associated technologies, we provide Voice Interaction Systems that contribute to our clients' sustainable growth, development and competitive advantage.

We design and develop solutions for innovative exploitation of the high-volume, high-velocity, and high-variety health information assets produced currently in the healthcare sector by ubiquitous and pervasive health monitoring systems, to leverage quality and efficiency of care.

We apply game design techniques and game mechanisms to novel self-management health and wellness apps, to engage patients and enhance healthcare services with value-based propositions.

Our team is constantly in the search of novel smart healthcare solutions, including emerging sensing technologies, artificial intelligence methods for big data analysis, interaction interfaces, and engaging learning and self-management tools. We work closely with research oriented stakeholders and test our new products within European research projects, and we actively participate in relevant conferences and workshops.

On going research projects: